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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NYU Stern MBA Exchange- Ist Week

I arrived to NYU stern on 22nd Jan 2008. It was wonderful to see that the residence Palladium was right there in the city....ALthough bit expensive Palladium gives you all the facilities which you might want for youself. A full fledged gym, cafeteria and 24 hrs security. The NYU ID card can be used at cafeteria, laundry, university cafe, library and on the campus.

Classes begin on 28th Jan and it was good to attend the valuation class of Damodaran. If you come to NYU stern, it is worth to take Damodaran class. There are several other good courses and all depends upon your career choice and interest to learn.

This year, there are around 33 exchange students from different schools around the world. 3 from HEC, 8 from LBS, 2 from ESADE etc....

We do not have Piano bar here but every Thursday night, there is a beer blast from 6 PM for MBA students and so it is the time to meet with other MBA students.....

So far so good. Will write more as and when have time :)))


Friday, January 4, 2008

12 Months in HEC MBA

It is exactly 12 months now when most of us arrived at HEC Campus. That was our first day and I am sure most of students today will have seen the difference.

Some takeaways until now is that I have developed life long friends, learned from peers, professors, alumni, business leaders.

I still remember in year 2002-2003 when I was exploring option of doing an MBA, some of my friends told me something interesting. They told me that you do MBA for an experience. MBA does bring career change but it also gives an opportunity to gain invaluable experience. What is also true is that 16 months HEC MBA is a unique experience and will not come back again.....

I am in India, ready to move to New York for an exchange and still when I receive email from fellowmates, I can clearly see the excitement involved in the discussion. I am sure a reunion in June 13th during graduation party would be thrilling....

With this wishing you all a very happy new year 2008. Wishing you all also success in your studies, career and personal life.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

HEC MBA until now

It has been long time since anything was written on this blog.

I think with 7 months almost going to complete with HEC, I defintely see what this program has already given to us. I think today when I have started my work again in form of summer internship I can see the differnce in the way I look at things. I am sure it is same for all of us. At the same time I also realized that it would be difficult to be exposed to similar diversity like we have at HEC.

I would like to start this discussion and would like to come back later on other subjects............

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Whenever I take to penning my thoughts down, I usually wonder what to write about - nature, future, world issues?! Invariably it is always something which is dominantly on my mind at the moment... And this time, it is this break of one week. Unimaginable in an MBA isnt it?
But thank God for the French authorities, who for once decided that this was the 'legal holiday' week of the year, giving most of us a breather! Well, not literally, with the Marketing project still weighing down heavily, and some real time targets to be met, but all in all a slightly more laid back week than the ones that preceded it....

What I am looking forward to ? Not much, really...Just the below :

- Sleeping through 8 a.m and 9:40 am on all the five 'week' days
- Not rushing to ATAC at 19:30 hrs in an effort to pick up some last minute supplies!
- Not getting dressed in formals for another loong presentation
- Not whizzing through lunch in 15 mins - my only proper meal of the day!
- Not looking at the clock showing 20:30 hrs in the MBA building waiting for the day to get over somehow...
- Not trying to get my working group together for the next meeting - everyone's away anyway!
- Not trying to rack my head at 00:00 hrs about taking a pick - Strategy or Financial markets, which one to nail first
- Not chewing on my pencil during a cover letter workshop
- Not struggling to keep my eyes open through Management Accounting lectures
- Not trying to synergise my energies through an OB lecture - which actually leaves me wondering about the whole purpose of the course
- Not trying to hopelessly grapple with my linguistic abilities in the French class - Jees! I am still working on my Hindi!
- Not reaching on time to realise that the last FT is gone - I mean, look at the multiple uses of a newspaper, for instance, my room looks quite clean without a pile of unread FTs..
- Thinking of ways to drag in the coffee vending machine into MBA 11, right through the Corporate Finance lecture

What I will do, however, would be more on these lines :

- Try to "spot the difference" between multiple drafts of my innovatively designed CV, for updating the CV platform (Or is the deadline gone already ?!)
- Count the total no. of trees on campus and try my hand at carving some "tree art"
- Try to 'run'(jog?) for fitness purposes, and not just to class - 15 minutes behind time
- Try and figure out if I can actually spot some stars from the piano bar balcony, when not intoxicated
- Figure out the number cars that are missing from infront of expansiel during the break
- Walk down Jouy to see if there's a world beyond ATAC
- Try and finally figure out the SNCF rail system
- Complete my French homework
- Try to intentionally take 5 hours and 40 mins to 'read' the next Strategy case
- Doze off within 'Bearley' sitting right infront of me on my desk
- Open my letter box

And the feeling that elsewhere in the world, millions of people would be boarding early morning trains to office, taking flights to unknown countries, sailing ships away on expeditions and maybe even crocodile hunting! while am here a la 'good old' Jouy trying to figure out different ways to work out the various items on my an amazing feeling by itself!!
To be honest...Looks like I have a very busy week ahead – I mean, come on! Look at the
“not to do” list, it’s longer than the “to-do” one…(Am happy if that makes you befriend the green-eyed monster;)
I guess I should get busy then…..Someone wise once said (Or was it me?) – To be able to nothing creatively is a great art in itself, and demands a lot of time and dedication… Maybe you guys should give it a try yourself. Watch this space, and when am back again, I’ll probably let you know how the much-awaited week was like…Have a great week!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

How do you manage your up & downs?

Hi Guys,

Today, I discovered two websites & (sorry it is only in French for the moment). For the English speaking people you can check,,,

It was really energizing to read all these good news, all good reasons to believe that we can change the world, that solutions and not only problems exist. It is sometimes difficult to remain positive, to fight and fight again to achieve your desires when you are told everyday that it will not work, that you are wasting your time and nothing can be done about it. I think that may be, receive their newsletters with all these good news will help me to stay committed, motivated & dedicated to my renewable energy objective. A Keynesian approach somehow.

And you? How do you manage your up & downs?

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ripping Off Old Retirees

I read this amazing post by Steve Dubner on the racket that the pharmacies are running to rob old retirees... Price discrimination is obviously nothing new to us, but in this case, this is all out taking advantage of the fact that certain people are not capable of comparing prices in the market (out of habit, or old age).

After I read this post, I had a weird feeling. Of course, in business school we are taught to sell our souls to the devil and only think about the bottom line. But when do you add Ethics to Economics? Citanna clearly believed that the only responsibility you have in a business to your shareholders, and everyone else can go take a hike. Do you agree? Where do y'all draw the line? Who would you not feel comfortable robbing?

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Barcelona Rocks

Amid Busy Schedule which is something very normal for any MBA students, we had opportunity to take few days off and fly to Barcelona.

Believe me every moment of the trip was worth it. Our NPV of happiness have increased at the end of the trip so the project was worth taking. The options to go to Barcelona payed off well as we take the coming weeks with better poise and relaxed mind.

This entry is to share our experience with batchmates who due to personal or professinal reasons could not join us.

We took Vueling from CDG to Barcelona. Thanks to IESE host, he volunteered to take 4 of us to 4 different places at 1 am in the morning . IESE Barcelona host students clearly reflected the culture of the school and great initiative.

The weather in Barcelona was great , like sunny summer where one might be tempted to go to beach but no we had to attend the conference. The next 2 days were quite rich in content and topic.

We could attend 3 conference each day and each conference had 4 speakers. There were 3 conference going parallely. Therefore at the end of 2 days we had 9 panel sessions with 72 speakers.

The topic ranged from micro-finance to wind energy. I was fascinated by the social enterpreneurship initiative by Ashoka and Endeavor and some other organization such as Habitaem and Trestle group.

Lot of networking went during 2 days, we not only met with students from IESE, LBS, ESADE but also could network with professionals from industry such as Citibank, Deloitte etc.

We were lucky as we could be part of festival in which sellers from Gracia area distribute candies to people living around.

Barcelona is known for its night life, specially restaurant, discos were full and peppy with flamboyant music. We had a chance to hurt our legs during the 2 days of intensive dancing :))))

Globally it was well organized conference and Barcelona welcome was great during this part of the year. We could feel during and while leaving Barcelona was one common thing and that was
this city does rock!!!!! That compelled me to keep the title of the post as ''Barcelona Rock''.

Please see the video of our trip and enjoy!!!!!!!!!